About Friends of Breakheart Reservation

We have grown from a small group into a larger volunteer organization capable of taking on the challenges needed to preserve the beauty of the Breakheart Reservation.


A group of men and women with a passion for the “sudden step into nature”got together and formed the Friends of Breakheart Reservation (FOBR). They participated in the first Maple Sugaring Process (1988) and the building of the first Sugar Shack (1998).  They continued with their dedication and passion for  preserving the natural beauty of the reservation.

The dedication was held for the opening of the Christopher P. Dunne Visitor Center. The center was built by the students of the Northeast Regional Metro Vocational High School. The project was made possible thru the many donors and the assistance of DCR, Friends of Breakheart Reservation (FOBR), and Edward Murray, Chairman of FOBR. The event was organized by the DCR and FOBR.

This was also the year The Breakheart Reservation Parkways were accepted by The National Park Sevice for listing on the National Historic Places. FOBR are proud to join the DCR and communities in preserving this jewel in the city..

The Breakheart Reservation welcomed an addition to the park.   A Bandstand. It was sponsored  and funded by Edward Murray, chairman of the FOBR. The bandstand was built by an Amish carpenter located in Lancaster, PA. The bandstand enjoyed many memorable  events until the heavy snows of (2014-2015) caused it to collapse.

A dedication was held for the new addition to the park, A Gazebo. The Gazebo was built by the students of the Northeast Metro Regional Vocational High School in conjunction with DCR and the Friends of Breakheart Reservation. Beginning of the construction was made possible with private donations. Completion was made possible by the major funding of Carol Wagner, in memory of her father Dr. Frederick J. Wagner.

In 2017 the FOBR will participate and help raise funds for the construction of the new Sugar Shack.  Join us in this exciting event.

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